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Prosthetics is a dentistry specialty that deals with filling in missing teeth and improving the aesthetics of existing teeth. It allows you to regain self-confidence, and a beautiful smile, but often above all it improves the comfort of living and chewing. A good prosthetist can choose the best method from the many available in such a way that the procedure is the least burdensome and gives excellent results.

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Why you should choose our services?

Prosthetic restorations are a complex topic and the list of elements taken into account when planning prosthetic treatment is very long. We always focus on filling in missing teeth and improving the aesthetics of natural teeth to restore the patient’s comfort as much as possible.

  • We work with the best specialists in this field. These people have not only extensive knowledge but also extensive experience that helps in the preparation of individual treatment plans.
  • We assess every case from many angles and choose the best available prosthetic solution.
  • We use many different technologies and prosthetic solutions, which is why we can provide a professional approach and choose a method causing only minimal discomfort.
  • Our doctors always have time for patients and can explain possible courses of action so that patients have full knowledge of the procedure that will be performed.
  • We work using the best technicians

From the very beginning, in prosthetics, we focus on the good of the patient. We know that skeletal prostheses, crown-root inserts or porcelain veneers, and crowns are dental restoration techniques that can bring great relief. However, as professionals, we know that treatment planning always includes the analysis of technical factors: occlusal forces, the possibility of using adjacent structures as support for bridges, etc. We know the applications of every method of prosthetics very well, but we also know that in prosthetics it is necessary to maintain an individual approach.

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What is prosthetics?

Dental prosthetics is a dentistry specialty dealing with the restoration of dental cavities and the improvement of the function and aesthetics of natural teeth. Prosthetic treatment is also an element of procedures for the malocclusion treatment. From losing individual teeth or their fragments in an accident to complete toothlessness, prosthetics can restore the full function of the oral cavity and allow you to regain self-confidence in everyday life. It also allows you to strengthen existing tooth crowns and improve their aesthetics.

Prosthetics is considered a method focused on repairing cavities that the patient became aware of too late. However, modern prosthetic methods our office implements are also an element of the prevention of adverse changes that can occur in the oral cavity as a result of tooth loss. If you are dissatisfied with the color or the shape of your own teeth, we can give your teeth new beautiful shapes and colors.

What can you gain from prosthetics?

The use of prosthetics is very wide and when booking an appointment, each patient has a certain vision of what they would like to achieve by getting crowns, permanent restorations, or acrylic restorations. Correctly performed prosthetic surgery, however, gives much wider possibilities than it usually seems.

  • First of all, acrylic dentures, prosthetic bridges, and other solutions in this field allow you to maintain the function of your teeth. Missing teeth are always replaced primarily to ensure maximum comfort.
  • After the loss of teeth, there are adverse changes in the surrounding tissues. Prosthetic treatments performed by our doctors can completely prevent them or at least significantly slow them down, which will translate into fewer problems in the future.
  • Many patients lose their self-confidence due to tooth loss. An individual prosthetic treatment plan and properly performed restorations allow you to regain a beautiful smile.
  • Often, the right prosthetic technique allows to protect the patient from ailments related to missing teeth, such as pain, discomfort, or increased risk of certain diseases.
  • Veneers, crowns allow you to rebuild the desired shape and color of the tooth

Restoring the full function of the teeth always remains a priority of prosthetics. Today, there are solutions available to meet this challenge in virtually every case. Taking care of oral health, a beautiful smile and the comfort of everyday life are equally important to us.

Types of dentures we offer

Based on the assessment of the oral health condition and the extent and nature of dental cavities, the doctor may propose one of many methods of prosthetic treatment. Prosthetics uses restorations of many different types. Our office always tries to offer the best solutions available on the market.

  • Prosthetic crowns. They are used to fill partial damage in the crown of the tooth that cannot be filled in any other way. They can be placed not only on your own tooth but also on implants. Thanks to them, the patient regains full functionality of teeth and an aesthetic smile.
  • Dental bridges are used by the dentist to make up for the deficiencies in several teeth. Their design allows for efficient transfer of forces, and the materials used make the bridge visually not much different from natural teeth. Certain types of bridges can also be fixed on implants.
  • Dentures allow you to fill even extensive tooth loss, and thanks to their use, the patient not only regains the functionality of teeth but also phonetic efficiency. Most often, removable acrylic dentures are made, but there are more possibilities and the prosthetist will propose the best one based on the individual needs of the patient.
  • Crown-root inserts allow to fill in the deficiencies in the structure of the tooth. Root canal treatment can weaken the structure of the teeth, and such an insert reconstructs and protects it.
  • Veneers are used primarily to aesthetically improve the look of natural teeth. However, they must be very strong and durable, because they will also fulfill all other functions of teeth.
  • Onlays and inlays are special types of crown inserts used on premolars and molars as a method of functional restoration of the tooth crown. They are very durable and perfectly reproduce the grinding function.

Every prosthetic method has its standard application. However, in every case, the prosthetist must take into account that the fitting of prostheses may require a combination of several methods, depending on the patient’s expectations, the extent of missing teeth, or susceptibility to certain diseases. That is why it is so important that every prosthetic procedure is preceded by a really thorough diagnosis.

Indications for prosthetic procedures

Prosthetics deals with the restoration of dental cavities that cannot be filled with other methods, so the list of indications can be particularly long.

  • After a fracture or damage to a tooth due to injury or disease, standard dental treatment methods do not give a chance for permanent improvement.
  • In the course of certain diseases that cause permanent weakening or loss of teeth, and treatment is ineffective or started too late.
  • As part of the restoration of functions and aesthetics after serious accidents.
  • As part of taking care of the function of teeth that have been weakened by previous neglect or simply with age.
  • Sometimes prosthetics is recommended in connection with impaired vocal function of the oral cavity.
  • To improve the aesthetics of the smile

Indications for prosthetic surgery may be any missing teeth, regardless of how such a state arose and if other dental treatments do not bring adequate results or are not expected to be sufficient.

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Our dental office has cutting-edge equipment, including an intraoral scanner and a perfect 3D printer with outstanding precision. We work with the best dental prosthetics specialists, cooperate with excellent technicians, and have extensive experience and knowledge. If you want to take good care of your teeth, do not hesitate to contact us. Call us and book an appointment with a prosthetist. We will propose an individual treatment plan that will make you smile again.

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