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Some complex treatments can be a huge financial burden. You may not be able to afford financing them or you simply prefer to keep your financial cushion untouched. In such situations, the Mediraty program can be the solution that will allow you to take care of your health at the highest level and with minimal strain. A simple, proven system that has been in use in many clinics for a long time is now also available in HCentrum and allows you to have more treatments!

Mediraty: whenever health needs attention

Some dental procedures are complex and therefore quite expensive. However, neglecting them is a serious risk. If it is possible to carry them out later, these problems might even be greater and the costs will increase further. And quite likely, if you neglect your health now, there will be no second chance. On the other hand, even if you have a certain amount set aside for emergency expenses, it will probably not be easy to decide whether to spend these funds.

It was with such situations in mind that the Mediraty program was created. It is a service that allows you to pay the costs of medical interventions in installments. In our center, this solution is especially useful in the case of implantation, more complex prosthetic or orthodontic procedures, but it is also used by patients needing aesthetic and conservative dentistry. In these cases, you really cannot afford to put off dental procedures ‘for later’.

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Reliability and flexibility of financing

The financing of medical procedures cannot look the same as ordinary installment plans, which is why the Mediraty program operator has created a special proposal. After contacting the installment service provider by phone or online, you will receive information about the financing availability and the installment amount you can pay within this system. When you book an appointment with us, you will already have financial certainty and awareness of the costs you will have to take into account. No one from the Mediraty program staff will choose the treatment methods. That is what our specialists are for. Mediraty installments cover the costs of procedures that, together with our dentist, implantologist, or prosthetist, you decide to be the most beneficial for you.

Thanks to Mediraty installments, you specified financing and you know in advance what amount can be covered by the installment system. You can focus only on taking care of your health. Financial formalities usually take only a few minutes – much less than a dental procedure.

Mediraty program is the solution for you!

Some dental procedures require quick action, but if it is not necessary, a quick decision is still very helpful. Today, you can make it much easier by using Mediraty financing. Combine the financial flexibility provided by one of the most important suppliers of installment systems for the medical industry with the professionalism and quality of services of HCentrum Stomatologiczne Jasińscy. Check out how the Mediraty system can help you today and book an appointment!

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