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Oral health is not just about your teeth. The gums should also be properly cared for, treated, strengthened, and subjected to effective prophylaxis. Their condition has a very strong impact on the function of the oral cavity and the teeth themselves. Some indications allow us to believe that gum diseases also strongly contribute to serious systemic diseases.

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Why choose us?

Not all dentists focus enough on periodontal and gum health. We know that their condition is very important for well-being and also affects dental health. Every individual treatment plan for periodontal disease we prepare is comprehensive and multidirectional.

  • Prevention of periodontal disease is one of the important elements of oral health care. We understand this perfectly and can appropriately care for the proper condition of the oral mucosa.
  • Our specialists know that sensitivity of the gums, unpleasant breath, or bleeding gums are problems that should be addressed with equal commitment as diseases of the teeth themselves.
  • The periodontist will work with the dentist on the preparation of basic treatment. We can prepare a comprehensive roadmap for a healthy oral cavity.

We take issues related to periodontal disease very seriously. Choose our services to take care of your oral health in a comprehensive way.

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What is periodontology?

Periodontology is a dentistry specialty that focuses on the treatment of gum and oral mucosa diseases. Accumulation of tartar and dental deposits can lead to the development of gingivitis, which affects the health of the teeth themselves and the overall comfort of the patient. A periodontist can also help with loose teeth. Periodontology also deals with the prevention of gum diseases. This includes regular hygienization visits, education about the impact of smoking on the gums, or the negative effects of neglecting basic hygiene activities.

What can you gain from periodontology?

Periodontology is sometimes underestimated, but its importance is very high.

  • Proper periodontal care means not only healthy gums but also a lower risk of dental disease.
  • Healthy gums mean more comfort and less sensitivity to pressure or high and low temperatures.
  • Basic preventive periodontal procedures have an overall beneficial effect on oral health.
  • Comprehensive oral health care reduces the risk of heart disease, neurological incidents, and pregnancy complications.

Often, when talking about periodontology, only periodontal health is mentioned. It is a mistake. Periodontal consultations and even seemingly simple hygienic procedures have a huge impact on overall health.

Our periodontal services

Periodontology focuses on gingivitis. However, it is a symptom of many diseases and the result of neglect, therefore, although it can be reduced to a common denominator, an individual treatment plan is always needed. Periodontal disease, tooth sensitivity, and the risk of tooth loss due to periodontitis are all problems that we can address.

  • Treatment of periodontitis. A bacterial plaque may form in the oral cavity along the gum line, and the compounds produced by the bacteria may cause soft tissue inflammation. Gingivitis is treated by the removal of plaque and properly selected hygienic procedures. Gingivitis always requires preventive measures that can stop the disease from recurring.
  • Vector treatment. When treating periodontitis, it is important to maintain the highest standard. In addition to basic hygienic procedures, it is also worth including Vector treatment, which enables ultrasonic scaling and cleaning of deep periodontal pockets in a much less invasive way than traditional methods. This ultrasonic treatment allows for the incorporation of hydroxyapatite into the tooth structure.

Treatment of periodontal disease does not end with a single visit, as specialists must choose a plan of treatment that meets the needs of a particular patient. Even in the initial stage, the disease requires appropriate attention, and many patients visit a periodontologist only with advanced tissue inflammation, which in turn means prolonged treatment.

Indications for periodontal treatment

Gingivitis can manifest itself in several ways. Every one of these symptoms requires consultation with a specialist who will assess the causes and select appropriate remedies.

  • Bleeding gums while teeth brushing, especially for no apparent reason.
  • Hypersensitivity of dental necks or gums to pressure, cold or high temperature.
  • Receding gums.
  • Loose teeth
  • Unpleasant breath, persistent after brushing or rinsing the mouth.
  • Swelling of the gums.

Many of these symptoms are underestimated by patients, but every doctor knows that they are important signals of the ongoing inflammatory process, which can result in tooth loss and loss of patient comfort.

Why should periodontitis not be ignored?

Periodontitis is a disease whose first symptoms are not alarming for many patients, however, the list of complications is long and includes serious risks.

  • Initially, it is the hypersensitivity of the dental necks to the extent that it hinders everyday functioning.
  • As the gums recede, the teeth become loose, which increases their sensitivity and the risk of fracture.
  • When gum recession occurs, tooth loss may follow.

Since periodontitis involves the deposition of a thick bacterial plaque, there is a risk of superinfection of other tissues. Research suggests that it leads to an increased risk of heart disease, neurological incidents, or pregnancy complications.

Periodontology Gdansk – fees

We prepare a detailed cost estimate individually for every patient after the consultation with a doctor.

Periodontal treatment – HCentrum

It is not just your teeth that need specialist care. By devoting time to gum health, you take care not only of your teeth but also of your overall health. Whenever you experience any disturbing periodontal symptoms (bleeding, swelling, or hypersensitivity) do not wait for the periodontitis to develop in full. Get in touch. Our specialists will propose the best solution that will restore your full comfort.

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