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Dental surgery Gdansk

Dental surgery increases the patient’s comfort by extraction, rebuilding, or reconstruction of teeth and elements of the jawbone and mandible. Thanks to maintaining the highest standards and the use of modern anesthetic techniques, these procedures have become much less troublesome than they used to be.

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Why should you use our services?

Procedures in the field of dental surgery are of great importance for regaining comfort and maintaining oral health. However, to ensure the desired effect, they must be perfectly carried out.

  • The best surgeons-dentists in the region work with us. Their vast experience and extensive knowledge allow them to offer the best treatment methods.
  • We have modern equipment allowing us to carry out oral procedures with precision and only minimal discomfort to the patient.
  • We understand our patients’ concerns perfectly, so we care about professional conduct as well as a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.
  • We can offer complementary methods of treatment and care to look after oral health comprehensively.

Dental surgery is often the last stage in oral and dental disease treatment. Because our doctors are fully prepared to perform even the most difficult procedures, we can offer professional service to patients who cannot get help in other places.

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What is dental surgery?

Dental surgery focuses mainly on procedures involving the teeth themselves. These include permanent or deciduous teeth extraction, impacted teeth extraction, root tip resection, and more. However, procedures in the field of maxillofacial surgery may also involve, for example, sinus lift with the closure of oroantral communication or the removal of oral mucosal lesions. It is usually a last resort used after other treatment methods were exhausted. However, many surgical procedures are performed, because they are simply the optimal solutions for fighting specific dental problems.

Dental surgery is also a field supporting other dentistry specialties, including implantology, conservative dentistry, and periodontology. If the treatment requires surgical intervention so that, for example, better prosthetic restoration can be implemented, the surgeon will be included in the treatment plan. Sometimes it will be recommended to carry out a procedure so that another procedure can provide maximum comfort.

What surgical procedures do we offer?

The formal classification of surgical procedures is quite precise. In practice, a more descriptive division is usually used, which is clearer to patients. The dental surgeon will therefore perform the following procedures:

  • Removal of primary and permanent teeth. Most often, the extraction concerns diseased teeth, for which the conservative treatment is no longer possible or does not give hope for a permanent improvement in health. Occasionally, a dental surgeon will perform tooth extractions if necessary to correct malocclusion or if tooth preservation could compromise patient comfort.
  • Removal of an impacted tooth is a dental surgery involving the removal of a tooth that has not emerged properly and causes discomfort or requires treatment that cannot be performed. Usually, this procedure applies to the eight teeth (wisdom teeth), but it can be performed on any tooth.
  • Often, a dental surgeon has to perform a root apex removal. Root apex resection involves removing the root tip from the socket and filling the resulting gap with a suitable material. This is done after unsuccessful root canal treatment.

Every good implant office also uses the services of surgeons. Bone reformation in the maxillary sinus, bone block grafts, and similar oral surgical procedures require specialist knowledge and excellent tools.

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Surgical dentistry Gdansk – HCentrum

Dental surgery – these two words often cause concern among most patients. However, modern technology allows us to carry out treatments practically painlessly, and, most importantly, very effectively. If you need a dental surgery procedure, do not hesitate to contact us. We work with the best specialists in the field and we will certainly be able to provide you with professional help.

Apart from consultation with the surgeon, you can count on full dental service. We will prepare an individual treatment plan, especially for you. It may turn out that alternative solutions will be available for you. However, if surgery is needed, it will be performed as best as possible.

HCentrum Stomatologiczne Jasińscy

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