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Discover modern technology, unusual materials, and possibilities of imaging and treatment planning which are impossible in the case of classic fixed braces. ClearCorrect is a system of teeth aligners that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding patients.

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ClearCorrect - nakładki ortodontyczne

What are ClearCorrect orthodontic aligners?

ClearCorrect orthodontic aligners are sets of teeth straightening aligners made of transparent, discoloration-resistant material that can replace fixed braces in most malocclusion cases. It is a solution designed to increase discretion. The aligner is not easy to notice on the teeth, and the possibility of removing it allows you to properly take care of oral hygiene and reduces the risk of some complications associated with wearing the braces.

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How do ClearCorrect aligners work?

ClearCorrect are aligners made of transparent material, tailored to the specific patient’s bite. They work in a similar way to classic braces. The point is to move teeth gradually to the desired position mechanically affecting their surface.

The rest is taken care of by the body’s natural mechanism of bone remodeling. The displaced teeth will be stabilized and will remain in place after the treatment has finished (although for practical reasons the orthodontist will still recommend wearing a retainer). Unlike fixed braces, aligners affect a large area of the tooth, so the force with which they act is spread over a larger area. This significantly reduces the discomfort associated with the treatment

What does ClearCorrect orthodontic aligner treatment look like?

  1. It all starts with an appointment with an orthodontics specialist.
  2. If the doctor does not find contraindications to wearing aligners, imprints will be taken to prepare them.
  3. The patient will be presented with an individual treatment plan. It depends on the patient whether they consider the forecasted effects to be sufficient and proceed with the malocclusion treatment.
  4. The aligners can be prepared based on a traditional imprint or a computer scan.
  5. After the aligners creation, the orthodontist will check their fit. After that, the only thing left to do is to wear the aligners for the time provided in the plan, changing them with the appropriate interval.

During the treatment of teeth with ClearCorrect aligners, the patient will report for a follow-up visit every 2-3 months. There is no need to do it more frequently, although of course all details will be given in the individual treatment plan. The aligners should be used for at least 22 hours a day to obtain adequate treatment results.


Advantages of ClearCorrect

It is no surprise that nowadays, Discreet ClearCorrect aligners are one of the most popular methods of tooth straightening.

  • The fact that they are discreet and practically invisible is a great convenience for the patient (fixed braces draw too much attention).
  • ClearCorrect aligners are adjusted fully individually and changed at an appropriate interval, which translates into effective work and less frequent follow-up visits.
  • The possibility of removing aligners for eating or brushing your teeth significantly reduces the risk of tartar build-up or the appearance of caries in the oral cavity.
  • Visualization of the smile before treatment commences makes it easier for the patient to make an informed decision as to how to proceed.
  • Transparent aligners do not cause discomfort in the oral cavity or hurt the gums.

The main advantages compared to other methods of tooth alignment are primarily: comfort and less visibility than, for example, in the case of fixed braces.

ClearCorrect aligners – indications

ClearCorrect overlays can be used to treat almost all mild to moderate malocclusion. More advanced changes may require longer treatment, but such cases are really rare. What malocclusions can be corrected with aligners?

  • Crowding
  • Teeth set too far apart
  • Overjet
  • Corrections of the position of individual teeth.
  • Deep bite

Sometimes this method can even be used to treat an open bite or protrusion of teeth beyond the dental arches, but in such cases, a qualifying orthodontic consultation will be decisive.

Nakładki ortodontyczne - ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect aligners – contraindications

The list of contraindications for overlay treatment is not long and does not differ substantially from the guidelines of other methods. It includes:

  • active disease processes in the oral cavity;
  • malocclusion beyond the corrective capabilities of the method;
  • some systemic diseases.

This type of teeth straightening is also generally not used in patients under the age of 16, i.e. in the period of dynamic bone remodeling.

How does ClearCorrect differ from other orthodontic aligners


  • Possibility to treat large dental defects: yes

  • Pricing system: transparent pricing

  • Aligners resistance to discoloration: maximum

  • Frequency of follow-up visits: every 2-3 months

  • Final price: known from the start, comparable to braces

Clear Aligner

  • Possibility to treat large dental defects: yes, but it may be unprofitable

  • Pricing system: treatment and payment in stages

  • Aligners resistance to discoloration: moderate

  • Frequency of follow-up visits: usually monthly

  • Final price: unknown, depends on the patient’s decision


  • Possibility of treating large dental defects: considerable limitations

  • Pricing system: transparent pricing

  • Aligners resistance to discoloration: good

  • Frequency of follow-up visits: every 2-3 months

  • Final price: known from the start, but very high

Are ClearCorrect aligners easy to use?

Yes – the aligners are designed individually and fit only a specific patient’s teeth. They can be removed and put on repeatedly as needed.

How much does ClearCorrect treatment cost?

For most patients, the cost of treatment with ClearCorrect aligners does not exceed PLN 15,000.

How to start ClearCorrect treatment in the HCentrum?

If you do not have any other oral health problems besides the malocclusion, you can book an appointment with an orthodontist today. Contact us and we will find a date that works for you. Book an appointment, go through the qualification and, based on the prepared visualizations, decide to start aligner treatment.

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