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All-on-X - complete denture on 4 implants

Full-arch reconstruction is a complex task, requiring considerable skills, but it is of great importance for the patients’ comfort. The use of dental implants to create a solid base for the prosthesis allows for the reduction of the invasiveness of the method. All-on-X concept, where the entire arch is held on only 4 implants, is the most developed example of this occurrence.

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What is the All-on-X treatment?

The All-on-X treatment is an implantological solution that allows to minimize the number of implants used and to perform full mouth reconstruction even in patients with complete edentulism with the use of only 4 implants in one day. While the concept itself seems quite obvious, the development of procedures and technologies that allow for the precise distribution of forces acting on the teeth over only 4 points of support required long and in-depth analyses. Today, the All-on-X solution is available in several implant systems provided by companies with a particularly high reputation and extensive experience.

This method gives such good results that in individual systems it has also been developed into All-on-5 (rarely used) and All-on-6.

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What is the All-on-X treatment?

The All-on-X method seems simple because it is usually described quite briefly. Patients can go home with a new smile already on the day of implantation. However, in practice, it is certainly a more complicated procedure. It requires a lot of work and accuracy.

  1. The first stage is always a thorough examination of oral health. X-rays and computer scans are also taken. On this basis, not only can the patient be qualified for surgery or referred for preparatory procedures, such as bone grafting, but also the results of reconstruction can be planned.
  2. The implantation surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia, although there are clinics that can offer general anesthesia to particularly sensitive patients. Implantation requires the preparation of an appropriate bone bed and the placement of properly fixed implant bodies in the prepared holes.
  3. A temporary restoration is attached to the implants. The healing process after the surgical procedure takes several months. During this time the patient can use temporary solutions. The temporary bridge is not extremely durable. It is supposed to last for a maximum of six months, but it still allows the patient for almost full functioning.
  4. After the healing is complete, the medical caretaker can already prepare the final reconstruction. A final bridge prepared based on a classic dental impression is fitted on the titanium implants. Although theoretically it could be prepared based on a scan, manufacturers of systems used in the All-on-X solution focus on the classic impression. It is the best solution due to its unparalleled precision and low cost.

On the day of the procedure, a temporary bridge is fixed. It is crucial for people with severe tooth loss because they gain a fully functional set of teeth within just one visit. Of course, this description is purposely simplified, but the permanent bridge is created in the All-on-X method much faster than in classic procedures.

How many implants can the Al-on-4 procedure be used on?


All-on-X is the basic variant, which gives the name to the whole concept. In this case, the entire reconstruction is based on four implants in the patient’s oral cavity: two in the front and two in the back. Posterior implants are placed at an appropriate angle to better pass the chewing loads. The All-for-4 procedure is the basic variant and can be used in the case of most patients. For obvious reasons, this variant is associated with lower treatment costs than variants using more implants.


A more extensive variant is supporting the dental prosthesis with 6 implants. This solution is used in patients whose bone is too little or too weak to support permanent teeth. In patients with significant bone atrophy, a bone graft procedure can also be performed. However, it is always for the dentist to decide what solutions are possible in specific cases. Additional differences between the option with 4 and 6 implants are rather technical in nature and relate to the implantation angles or implant diameter.

All on 4

Who do we recommend this method to?

The All-on-X treatment process allows you to enjoy a new smile on the day of surgery, so it is an instant treatment. Of course, it may require undergoing additional procedures before implantation, but in principle, we recommend this method for patients with toothlessness. Due to its durability, implant treatment is suggested primarily to patients at a younger age. The all-on-X treatment allows for a truly durable reconstruction.

Advantages of the All-on-X treatment

Thanks to the All-on-X method, you can enjoy a full set of teeth on the day of implant placement.

  • This method perfectly imitates natural dentition not only aesthetically, but also functionally.
  • Unlike in the case of a classic prosthesis, there is no risk of taste loss.
  • The method does not require additional regenerative treatments, and implants heal very quickly.
  • You can regain the comfort that natural teeth provide with just 4 implants.
  • As a rule, this method does not require bone grafting, so it is faster, less invasive, and the risk of complications is lower.
  • While the classic prosthesis rests on the palate or gums, which causes discomfort, patients using reconstruction after implantation do not experience these problems.
  • All-on-X reconstruction is extremely durable compared to other options.

All-on-X is a combination of a relatively simple and well-known implant procedure with state-of-the-art tooth restoration techniques. The possibility of carrying out the entire procedure in one day allows patients of our clinic to regain full comfort and a beautiful smile as quickly as possible.

All-on-X – indications

The All-on-X treatment is used in two cases:

  • toothlessness;
  • when the tooth or bone damage in the jaw or mandible is so significant that it is treated as an absolute indication for tooth resection.

All-on-X – contraindications

The list of contraindications in the All-on-X method is relatively short:

  • severe bone defects of the mandible that cannot be reconstructed;
  • inflammation of the bones, the active phase of oral diseases;
  • cancer;
  • general contraindications: diabetes, coagulation disorders, pregnancy, taking certain medications.

In most cases, only relative contraindications are found in patients, i.e. those that can be removed or “waited out”.

How to prepare for the procedure?

The treatment does not require any major preparations. It should be treated like any surgical procedure performed in the oral cavity. During the consultation and the procedure itself, the doctor will need a clean surgical field, so it is worth skipping the makeup that day. A light meal should be eaten a few hours before the procedure under local anesthesia.

Are there any side effects?

Titanium implants are biocompatible, so if inserted correctly, they will not cause any complications. Moreover, transient swelling, bruising, or irritation may occur, which may cause severe discomfort to some patients.

Post-treatment procedure

Appropriate oral hygiene is essential. The pain can be relieved with standard painkillers. Contact your doctor, if any alarming symptoms occur during healing.

How much does All-on-X cost – fees

The prices of the all-on-X treatment start from approximately PLN 25,000. Higher prices apply to more complex procedures or cases requiring additional preparation. The exact treatment plan and costs are given during the initial visit.

Why choose the All-on-X treatment in the HCentrum?

Although the All-on-X technique is becoming more and more popular, not everywhere you can receive the highest quality of service. With us, it is certain.

  • Experience – all our dentists, surgeons, and prosthetists have many years of experience in working with patients.
  • Clear communication – we understand that patients are not experts, which is why we explain how all treatments and procedures work.
  • Modern equipment – our knowledge and experience are important, but we would not achieve excellent results without the best equipment.
  • Comfort – we know that for most patients, stress is the biggest problem associated with a visit to the dentist. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere, it will not be a problem this time.

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