Mediraty – dental treatment financing. How to use it?

Mediraty w HCentrum Stomatologicznym Jasińscy w Gdańsku

Procedures carried out in HCentrum Stomatologiczne Jasińscy can be financed from your funds, but you also have the option of obtaining financing in the Mediraty system. It is an installment system created specifically for the healthcare industry, which allows you to take care of your health without worrying about the costs associated with it.

What is Mediraty?

Mediraty is an installment service that allows you to obtain financing for medical procedures. In our clinic, these are dental procedures in every category. In the Mediraty system, you can finance treatments starting at PLN 500 by default, but the amount of the loan may change depending on the diagnosis or doctor’s instructions. Mediraty is a platform run by Medical Finance Group S.A. and LM PAY S.A. (formerly Mediraty sp. z o.o.) providing loans. When it comes to medical procedures, of course, at any time they remain solely at the discretion of the dentist.

How does the Mediraty system work?

  • Contact – When planning conservative treatment, prosthetics, implantation, or other expensive dental procedures, contact the Mediraty system operator. You can even do it via Messenger, but the most convenient way will be by phone, which will allow you to verify your creditworthiness.
  • Formalities and contracts – Formalities usually take only a few minutes to complete. Your creditworthiness will be verified by the Mediraty system, and you will receive confirmation of the scope of financing and information about detailed conditions.
  • Payments – Together with the dentist, you choose the optimal variant of the procedure, make an appointment for its performance and determine the final cost. Mediraty transfers the amount to cover the costs of the procedure, and later on, you repay the loan on the agreed terms.

Mediraty – what documents are needed?

To conclude a contract, you need an identity card and proof of income – usually in the form of bank statements for the last three months. In the case of more expensive treatments or when the applicant works abroad, this list may change, which the client will be informed about during the conversation with the consultant on the helpline. In general, however, it is always a set as small as possible.

Advantages of using Mediraty

  • The most obvious advantage is the possibility of using a treatment that you cannot afford, having only your budget.
  • Instead of classic dentures, you and your doctor can opt for a procedure that meets higher standards – implants.
  • Mediraty allows you to reduce the waiting time for the procedure to a minimum. Instead of saving money, you can start treatment faster, avoiding complications and more serious damage.
  • With installment payments, you can opt for treatment in a better clinic, which is normally out of financial reach.

There are also many advantages of Mediraty compared to, for example, basic cash loans. It is worth remembering this when planning treatment.

  • Thanks to Mediraty, you will know your creditworthiness. However, if the treatment is cheaper, you will get a lower credit, and this also means lower costs.
  • The waiting time for a decision is certainly shorter than in the case of bank loans.
  • The credit procedure itself with the initial consultation, the implementation of the visit, and the subsequent payment perfectly suit the specificity of the medical industry better than a bank loan.

What dental procedures can be financed by Mediraty?

Mediraty does not place restrictions on any specific medical procedures. In this way, you can finance all the procedures that the clinic offers. This means that, among others, the installment system can help you pay for:

  • conservative treatment,
  • orthodontic treatment
  • prosthetic works;
  • dental implants and implant prosthetic procedures;
  • aesthetic dentistry;
  • surgical procedures.

Nothing stands in the way of financing complex procedures that fall into several of the above-mentioned groups. There are no restrictions on the part of the Mediraty system. After signing the installment agreement, together with the doctor you will choose the optimal course of action and no one will ever inquire whether this procedure could have been carried out differently. While Mediraty advisors are experts in financial matters, treatment remains a matter between you and your dentist.

We finance health – do not wait with your decision

Mediraty opens up the possibility of taking better care of your health. If you have a problem that needs the right way of financing, do not hesitate any longer. Contact us and make an appointment with a dentist, then call the Mediraty helpline and determine the possible option of financing the procedure. After that, you will finally smile from ear to ear. This way, you will be able to take care of your oral health at the best dental clinic without putting too much strain on your wallet.