Removal of tartar build-up. What are the proven treatments and methods?

Usuwanie kamienia nazębnego. Jakie są sprawdzone zabiegi i sposoby

Removal of tartar build-up is a procedure usually classified as having aesthetic significance. However, it is worth remembering that unnoticed foci of caries may develop under the tartar layer. The surface of tartar is also a place where bacteria responsible for bad breath can grow. That is why tartar removal is so important.

What is tartar?

Tartar is a layer of insoluble calcium and magnesium salts deposited on the surface of the gums and formed as a result of insufficient oral hygiene and plaque build-up. As a result, an unsightly, quite thick layer is created, with a color ranging from slightly creamy to dark brown, which patients are often unable to see with the naked eye because it is often located under the gum.

What does the procedure of tartar build-up removal look like?

In the fight against tartar, ultrasonic scalers are most often used, although mechanical methods are also often used. Such a procedure does not require prior preparation and can be part of a routine visit.

Tooth scaling must focus not only on the surface of the teeth above the gums but also below their line. The dentist or hygienist will choose the right method of removing build-up depending on its thickness, extent, and accessibility to instruments. The whole procedure takes several minutes, after which the teeth are usually polished and sandblasted.

Home remedies for tartar removal

The internet is full of home remedies that are supposedly helpful in removing tartar. Home methods used to replace the scaling procedure carried out in the dental office are ineffective at best, and at worst, directly harmful.

How often should tartar be removed?

The indication for the scaling procedure is the deposition of a visible layer of tartar. Depending on lifestyle and genetic conditions (related to saliva pH, for example) and the mutual position of teeth, which affects the effective cleaning of teeth, supragingival scaling, and subgingival scaling should be carried out most often every 6-12 months, although in some patients this interval needs to be shortened.

Does tartar removal hurt?

Regular removal of tartar does not interfere with the tooth tissues, while if mechanical methods are used, there is a slight violation of the gum structure. The discomfort usually passes after a few hours.

Does tartar removal whiten teeth?

Depending on how the tartar is formed, it may have a lighter or darker coloration. It is usually darker than the teeth, so in a sense, the teeth will appear lighter after scaling, but this is only a side effect and rather not overly visible. Only the removal of plaque, tartar, polishing, and whitening treatment can clean and deeply whiten tooth surfaces. Nevertheless, the removal of tartar itself also significantly improves the aesthetics of a smile.

How much does tartar removal cost?

Removal of tartar in the package with sandblasting costs approx. between PLN 200 and approx. PLN 700. The discrepancy is large because it depends on the method of removal, how large the build-up is, and therefore on the time spent on the procedure. Generally, the better your daily hygiene, the cheaper it will be to descale your teeth.

What can you do to avoid tartar?

  • Regular brushing and oral hygiene are key.
  • The plaque deposition in the interdental spaces is delayed by flossing after brushing the teeth.
  • Tartar builds up slower if you drink less coffee, tea, and colored alcohol.
  • Some types of tartar build-up quicker when exposed to tobacco smoke.

Remove tartar in our clinic and show off your broad smile!

Tartar is an aesthetic defect and a significant risk factor for periodontal disease. Daily hygiene (from mouth rinsing to the appropriate use of toothpaste and floss) is not enough to completely protect yourself from tartar and plaque. Get in touch. We will arrange a convenient time to professionally, painlessly, and, above all, effectively remove the entire tartar from your teeth. Opt for professional scaling and smile wider than ever before.