Hanna Jasińska as the president of IAO Poland Section

Hanna Jasińska została prezydentem polskiej sekcji IAO

In 2021, the board and delegates of the International Association for Orthodontics unanimously elected Hanna Jasińska as the president of the Poland Section of this largest organization associating qualified orthodontists. This is an outstanding distinction, because the IAO places great emphasis on experience, education, and practical knowledge, and the position of the president of the national section is also an expression of appreciation for the achievements made so far.

Nomination for the position of president of the Poland section of the IAO

In the case of Dr. Hanna Jasińska, the nomination for this position is no surprise. She is an orthodontist with over 30 years of experience working with adults and children on even the most complex orthodontic procedures. Membership in the IAO, as well as the Polish Orthodontic Society and the European Orthodontic Society EOS, create many opportunities when it comes to adapting new therapeutic methods and developing the highest standards.

Daily, Dr. Jasińska works with patients in HCentrum Stomatologiczne Jasińscy, and her election as the president of the Polish IAO section is not only a great personal distinction but also an achievement of the Clinic and Gdansk. Above all, however, it is a position connected with the well-being of patients. It allows propagating the highest standards in orthodontics not only in an own practice or region but also at the national and international levels.

Tasks and purpose of the International Association for Orthodontics

The IAO is an organization whose main task is to facilitate the flow of information between orthodontists and create an extensive knowledge base. For this purpose, an international platform for exchanging experiences is to be created in 2022. It will also be used by orthodontists to analyze specific cases so that patients can get even better support. This tool is also to be made available to the Poland section, which will thus be able to reach a wider audience with educational materials and conferences.

The IAO encourages orthodontists to actively participate in the organization’s structures, ensuring that current members are the first to gain access to materials within the new platform. Dr. Jasińska, as the president of the section, but above all as an orthodontist with the experience of few specialists in the country, will certainly actively encourage the deepening of knowledge, just as she is currently invested in further training.

IAO members will be able to attend the 2022 IAO Annual Meeting in Hawaii this year. It will be an opportunity to establish valuable contacts with specialists from other countries and learn about technologies that can be adapted to everyday work. At the meeting, President Jasińska and many orthodontists holding high positions in the IAO and conducting the most difficult orthodontic procedures announced their presence.

Title of the president of the Poland section of the IAO

The title of the president of the Poland section of the IAO is not a courtesy. This position is the result of many years of working with patients, constantly expanding competencies, introducing new solutions, and developing therapies that will bring relief to patients in any condition. It is also a form of commitment to continue working not only on one’s knowledge and skills but also on the state of orthodontics in Poland. The fact that the position of the president of the IAO section was given to experienced Dr. Jasińska is a good sign for those orthodontists who would like to join the IAO in the hope of developing their competencies.

This, together with the announced platform for exchanging experiences, may mean that thanks to Dr. Jasińska, patients throughout Poland will soon be able to count on better support than before. It is especially important when you consider that until now, it was Dr. Jasińska who reached patients whose problems exceeded the competencies of other orthodontists. Perhaps thanks to the solutions introduced, among others, by the current president, there will be much fewer such problems in the future.