How much does a denture cost?

Ile kosztuje proteza zębowa

Dentures are one of the most advanced methods of restoring functionality after the loss of part or all of your teeth. Some of them cost a lot, but usually, they perfectly imitate real teeth and are extremely durable. Others, on the other hand, are affordable, although they have certain limitations. How much does a denture cost?

What does the cost of dentures depend on?

Dentures can be constructed in different ways, and show different durability. Also, not all of them provide similar comfort. There are therefore several factors that can affect the amount that you will have to leave with a prosthetist for artificial teeth.

  • Dentures are made of various materials: acrylic, acetal, nylon, and ceramics. The processing of individual materials can sometimes be expensive, so this alone will affect the pricing.
  • How to put it on. Dental prosthesis can be placed on the roots of teeth, on implants or it can be placed on healthy teeth. This requires different fastening systems and, of course, removable dentures and fixed dentures will also differ in price.
  • The number of missing teeth. Most often, a partial denture will be cheaper than a full denture, because it simply requires less work and material to prepare.
  • Brand of materials used. Today, it is increasingly an important element of pricing. The costs of treatment depend not only on the metal alloy or the quality of ceramics but also on the brand of the manufacturer responsible for prosthetic restorations.

Not only do the types of dentures or their size determine the costs. Often, the price is increased by treatments that need to be carried out before the permanent prosthesis is installed: implantation of implants, hygienization of healthy teeth of the patient, removal of caries, or treatment of gum diseases that make it difficult or impossible to place the prosthesis.

Cost of selected types of dentures

The main factor that affects the price of dentures is their type. The difference between acrylic and all-ceramic dentures – in terms of functionality – is huge, while the price of these two types is not so far apart. In the case of basic models of dentures, it must also be assumed in advance that it will be necessary to repair an acetal or acrylic prosthesis, which may be unprofitable in relation to their price.

Acrylic denture (partial or complete)

It is a simple, but generally quite unstable overlay denture treated as a temporary supplement. The prices of partial acrylic dentures start from about PLN 600, and total acrylic dentures from about one thousand zlotys. It is estimated that their durability allows such a denture to be worn for a maximum of 3-6 months.

Ceramic dentures

Depending on the base, they cost from about PLN 1300 (chromium-cobalt) or from about PLN 1900 (on a zirconium oxide base). They can be placed on the patient’s own teeth and are definitely more durable than acrylic dentures. The design of such a denture allows them to be used in the case of partial or complete toothlessness.

Partial denture

It is a structurally advanced permanent denture, which is considered one of the best permanent fillings. It perfectly replaces natural teeth, but this type of denture requires preparation with extraordinary precision. This also affects pricing. A partial denture usually costs just under PLN 3,000, but it is partial dentures that today are one of the most frequently recommended.

Dental inlays

Crown-root inlays can be used after root canal treatment and allow for the creation of a small prosthetic restoration. They are durable and cost PLN 700-800 depending on the technology in which they were made.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are a type of prosthesis that can be attached to the patient’s own teeth after their proper preparation. This is quite an expensive solution because the cost usually amounts to several thousand zlotys. With a full arch, it is sometimes almost twenty, and then such filling is placed on implants.

Of course, the price alone is not a sufficient selection criterion. Most often, the patient will be offered several options, but the decision also takes into account the general health of the oral cavity or the level of discomfort the patient can tolerate. On the other hand, the cost of dentures is not everything. You need to take into account the price of tooth preparation, implants, or prosthetic connectors. It is also worth remembering that partial dentures are much cheaper than permanent dentures, the latter offer a higher level of comfort.

You will smile again!

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