Hanna Jasińska

The owner of HCentrum Stomatologiczne Jasińscy. President of IAO (International Association for Orthodontics) Poland, the world’s largest organization associating general dentists, orthodontists, and orthodontics specialists.

Performs treatments in the field of


HCentrum Stomatologiczne Jasińscy:

30 years of experience in the Pomeranian market. A modern dental center with certified equipment of the highest quality. In addition to the treatments themselves, we can take care of the whole process of providing the patient with a healthy smile with high aesthetics.

IAO Poland Section:

International Association of Orthodontists based in the USA. The main objective of the IAO is to educate and support general dentists, orthodontists, and orthodontic specialists.

Dr. Hanna Jasińska is an experienced dentist and orthodontist in the treatment of adults and children. Practice and international knowledge gained at prestigious universities and accredited courses resulted in the 2021 election of Dr. Jasińska as the president of the Polish section of the IAO, which is the world’s largest organization associating general dentists, orthodontists, and orthodontics specialists.

She holds the title of Master of Orthodontics,

GradDipClinDent (Orth) obtained at The City of London Dental School – Diploma in Clinical Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics by world-class specialist Dr. Derek Mahony. She is also a graduate of postgraduate studies in the field of orthodontics at SDPwO in Warsaw.

As a dentist, she also belongs to the elite European Orthodontic Society (EOS) and is also a member of the Polish Orthodontic Society (PTO).

The knowledge and experience gained at universities, internships and courses around the world allowed for the introduction of a holistic approach to world-class orthodontics in the HCentrum Stomatologiczne Jasińscy. Such an approach takes into account the facial aesthetics, the full face profile desired by patients, clear airways, and a healthy temporomandibular joint. Thanks to this, it has already been possible to help many patients who other dental centers refused to treat.

In her work, Dr. Jasińska uses fixed straight wire braces and orthopedic devices acting on bones. In addition to orthodontic (classic) braces, she introduces a Damon system of modern self-ligating braces to the Polish market.

Thanks to timeless solutions, the methods used by Dr. Jasińska not only eliminate malocclusions faster and much more precisely but above all eliminate the discomfort that is a real nightmare, especially for the youngest patients.

Every patient deserves to be consulted by the best specialists in the world. Who better than the President of the IAO?

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