Dental implants of the whole jaw – price. What does it depend on?

Implanty zębowe cała szczęka

Loss of teeth is not only an aesthetic problem. In this case, we are already talking about a serious impairment of all functions. Restoration of the patient’s teeth on dental implants, however, allows them to regain self-confidence and live a full life again. However, what determines the price to be paid for full jaw implants? 

What does the price of dental implants depend on?

Implant Type

It is obvious that titanium implants and zirconium implants have different prices. They depend not only on the type of implant but also on the implant system used. These, in turn, differ not only in price, but also in shape, type of titanium used, or the method of attachment to implants. There are several different variants and the dentist will suggest slightly different solutions based on the analysis of, among others, the condition of the jawbone or mandible and the specific needs of the patient.

Diagnosis and treatment before implantation

Implants cannot be referred to as a procedure performed during a single visit. While full jaw implants can actually be placed during a single visit, it is still necessary to prepare a treatment plan, conduct a thorough review, and usually also fill other cavities or deal with periodontal diseases. Of course, this is not the cost of implants as such, but such expenses must be taken into account before dental implants can be implanted at all. An additional cost may be, for example, the reconstruction of the maxilla, if necessary.

Crown material

The price of a dental implant is not only the cost of the implant itself. An implant replaces the root of the tooth, but it must be covered with a crown. It is clear that full jaw implants require a different approach than single tooth implants, but in both cases, the type of crown or bridge will affect the total cost of the procedure.

Number of teeth to be replaced

This is quite a complex issue because this relation is not linear. Dental implants of the entire jaw (total toothlessness) can be reconstructed with 4 implants per arch, but the optimal number is 6. Implants are the scaffolding on which future teeth are to rest. Various solutions are available, including bridges glued or screwed to implants, or those that the patient can remove for daily hygiene and quickly put back on. Every time the procedure is priced by a doctor. This can only be done by having a complete set of results and X-ray images of the patient.

How much does a single tooth implant cost?

A single dental implant costs 3-4 thousand zlotys, which is the price of the dental implant itself (without a crown and preliminary tests). It is not possible to provide a fixed price for a dental implant – the cost of the material and the basic procedure is fixed, while the price of preparatory procedures and possible treatment before implantation will vary for individual patients. If the implant treatment requires an earlier sinus lift, the expenses related to the placement of only one implant may exceed PLN 10,000.

How much do full-jaw dental implants cost?

Determining how much full jaw dental implants cost is quite a challenge. In many cases, the amount of PLN 12,000 is given as the lower limit. However, taking into account the degree of difficulty of this procedure and the fact that for every patient it is necessary not only to carry out a complete set of dental diagnostics tests but also usually to perform certain procedures before dental implants, this amount is significantly underestimated.

When does the patient learn about the final cost of dental implants?

The final cost of implants of the entire jaw, but also individual dental implants, will only be known after the treatment plan has been created. To prepare it, the patient will have to attend the diagnostic visit. This includes a review of your oral health, as well as appropriate X-rays so that your dentist can assess whether there is a need for additional surgery before implant placement. This will depend on the condition of the bone tissue, soft tissues, the condition of the remaining teeth, etc.

The patient together with the dentist chooses the optimal course of action. Usually, there are several options, differing not only in price but also in the impact on the patient’s comfort. It should also be remembered that even the best-prepared treatment plan may require subsequent adjustments, especially if more complicated procedures need to be performed before implants are placed. In this variant, the price of dental implants may change over time. However, to be precise, the implantation itself will still have the same price, it will simply change the cost of the treatments required at an earlier stage.

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Implantology offers tremendous possibilities. However, it also means that we are not able to give precise answers to some questions in even the most accurate article. If you want to talk about your oral health, book an appointment for a comprehensive treatment plan, including jaw implants, individual dental implants, and all initial treatments. Take care of the health of your teeth with us! If you are wondering whether dental implants are the right solution for you, we will be more than happy to answer your questions.