New teeth in one day – what are the ways to achieve it?

Nowe zęby w jeden dzień

Most prosthetic methods require some time before the patient can enjoy a full smile. Recently, however, the technology has developed so much that in many cases the treatment process can be shortened even to one day. It is not only in the case of individual missing teeth but also toothlessness (edentulism).

Why do patients want to have new teeth in one day?

The answer to this question seems obvious, but it is worth mentioning what truly is on the patients’ minds when they decide, for example, to use modern implant treatment to restore a tooth within one visit.

It’s about simplifying the whole treatment. One day off is enough, and there is no need to further juggle your schedule, which used to be necessary to enjoy a beautiful smile again. Recovering a tooth in one day also means less stress associated with a visit to the dentist, and at the same time also less discomfort, because the whole procedure is carried out straight away. For many patients, the undoubted advantage will be that thanks to the fact that the entire treatment process is carried out in one visit, it is simpler to manage payments.

The sooner the treatment is over, the sooner you can go back to eating what you like and smile as broadly as possible after the reconstruction. To sum up, there are several reasons, but the most important one is undoubtedly comfort.

New teeth in one day – treatments

Prosthetics: veneers and crowns

In some cases of missing teeth or only a chipped tooth, the patient can be helped in one day by the use of veneers or crowns. These are simple prosthetic treatments that allow you to restore the full function of your teeth in a short time. A smile looks better right away, but it will take some time before you can go back to eating harder foods. However, it is still a great method that allows you to enjoy a set of teeth at least partially.

Dental implants

In many cases, implants can be placed during a single visit. Whether this can be done in a specific case depends on what information the doctor collects during the interview and diagnostics. More and more patients can enjoy a beautiful smile in one visit thanks to modern implant technology. Full implantation, of course, takes a little longer, but the implant together with the crown can be placed within one visit.

All on 4

This is an extension of the idea of implants that allows you to fill extensive tooth gaps (even rebuild the entire arch) in one visit using only 4 implants. The idea itself is, of course, simple. However, what has only recently made it possible to rebuild teeth on 4 implants is planning the distribution of forces. The safety of the patient and the durability of the effects of the procedure are still crucial. The All on 4 method requires considerable prosthetic work, sometimes it is also necessary to remove individual teeth. However, every time doctors present the patient with a detailed treatment plan so that temporary teeth allowing partial immediate load can be obtained at the same visit.

How much do new teeth cost?

How much it will cost to restore teeth within one visit is, of course, a matter that cannot be answered in one sentence. The cost will depend on dental implants (different prices for different types), prosthetic restorations, but also possible surgical procedures or other treatments of, for example, soft tissues in the oral cavity, if they are necessary so that a functional crown, denture or dental implants can be inserted at the site of the defect.

Very often, the patient in the clinic will have several different types of implants to choose from. Of course, they differ not only in price but also in durability, resistance to discoloration, and other changes.

How to get new teeth – step by step

Of course, the dental procedure itself will look different for every individual method. You will always learn all the technical details from the dentist or prosthetist, but the scheme of many visits will be the same.

  1. Start with registration and an initial appointment. The dentist will verify the condition of your teeth and possibly order minor preparatory procedures, such as removal of tartar and plaque. It is important because, for example, for implants to be placed in the jaw, the teeth (at least adjacent ones) should be healthy.
  2. Every time, even if the entire procedure is to be completed in one day, a treatment plan will be prepared. It will describe dentures or implants that can be used, indications, and recommendations for later. The clinic will often present alternative options. Remember that the decision is yours. The dentist only presents the options you have to choose from.
  3. Preparation for the procedure The patient, who will soon leave the dentist’s chair with a beautiful smile, must be given anesthesia. Before that, taking impressions or scans of the oral cavity are carried out, as well as, a painless preparation of the implantation site (if necessary).
  4. Carrying out the procedure according to the scheme. Every method that can be performed has strictly defined procedures. Neither a dentist nor a prosthetist ever ‘go rogue’. Full professionalism in this case means following specific instructions step by step.
  5. Verification of results. After the new teeth are inserted, the dentist needs to check the condition of their fixture, the condition of the gums, and the fitting of the dentures, and generally make sure that the result is as it should be.
  6. Placement of permanent teeth. If a given procedure involves the use of a denture or a temporary crown, then after some time the patient will receive their new permanent teeth. During this visit, oral health tests are also usually performed.

The handling of implants will be slightly different than with, for example, a crown on a reconstructed tooth. What is important, in one-day procedures, special materials and techniques are often used to reduce the invasiveness or nuisance for the patient. However, all this is already for the dentist to decide.

Is it always possible to get new teeth in one day?

Unfortunately not. Although prosthetic technologies and implants are becoming more and more advanced every year, some patients cannot benefit from instant reconstruction methods. It all depends on the diagnosis and how much time will be needed to prepare the patient for the placement of new teeth. However, today in many cases, after the interview with the patient, we can propose one of the methods of rapid reconstruction. If you can not fully recover your smile in one day, usually temporary methods will be available. By using prostheses or implants and temporary reconstruction, you can at least partially regain comfort.

New teeth in one day – choose HCentrum

Can you get a brand new smile in one day? In our clinic, we perform many modern procedures that allow many patients to achieve this. Perhaps you too can count on it! Book an appointment, come, discuss a treatment plan, and start smiling wider. We will take care of your teeth professionally, always trying to minimize the time necessary to achieve the perfect effect, often even in one day!